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For admission into VANAS Diploma programs (excepting the Video Game Design Diploma), students are required to submit a portfolio for approval. For the Video Game Design Diploma, a Letter of Intent is required.

And,  remember that if you do not have a portfolio, you can attend and succesfully pass any of their corresponding introductory courses to gain admission for the diploma programs.



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2D Computer Animation Diploma

  • 5 sketches of characters and backgrounds
  • Demo reel that demonstrates the use of 2D computer animation software


3D Character Animation Diploma

  • Demo reel that demonstrates the use of 3D computer animation software


Animated Short Films Diploma

  • Animation demo reel demonstrating animation skills


Advanced 3D Modeling

  • 5 Images of 3D models that demonstrate the use of Computer Modeling software


Concept Art Diploma

  • 5 sketches of characters and backgrounds


FX-TD Diploma

  • Demo reel that demonstrates the use of 3D computer animation software, in particular effects such as collisions, gravity, particles, etc.


Matte Painting Diploma

  • 5 images demonstrating perspective


Video Game Design

  • Letter of intent. 

    Your Letter of Intent should outline to VANAS what your experiences and goals are and why you want to participate in the Diploma for Video Game Design. Please address the following four areas.

    What, if any, is your background in the creative industries? (Include a brief bio)

    Why are you planning on studying Video Game Design at this stage in your life? (Include motivations, removal of barriers)

    Why VANAS?

    What are your three big goals for your career? How do you think taking this program will progress them?

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