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Tuition Tax Receipts


What is a T2202a tax form?

It stands for Tuition, Education  and Textbook Amounts Certificate.  It is an income tax form that is issued one time per year, typically in the following year of your enrolled date as a student.


Will it be sent to me?

No,  current students and alumni will need to login to their account to retrieve their T2202A forms.   This way, you will have your tax forms as soon as you need them.


What VANAS courses qualify for a T2202a?

All courses that lead to employment are eligible for a Tax form, typically all Diplomas and Certificates over 6 months of duration.


What VANAS courses are not eligible for a T2202a?

Per Canada Revenue Agency regulations, all continuing education courses are not eligible for tax form receipts.   Continuing Education courses are classified as personal development and not necessarily lead to employment.  All our Introductory courses fall under the Continuing Education category.


Will my application fee show in the T2202a?

No, it won't show since this is an administration fee.  It is not considered tuition.


Where can I find my T2202a?

Current students and alumni can find their tax forms in our online campus.   Login to your account, find the payment history menu, and scroll to the bottom of the page to find your tax forms.


I am enrolled in a Diploma program however my T2202a is not available, why is that?

Tax forms are available a year after your date of student enrollment.  For example, if you enrolled in January 4th, 2016;  you will see your T2202A in January 2017.


I received my T2202a but the address in incorrect, do I need a new T2202a?

Update your address in your account, and download again your T2202a, it will reflect your address changes automatically.


What fees are not eligible for T2202a forms?

Any fee that is not tuition will not be eligible for tax deductions. Some examples are: Administration fees, late payment fees, student association fees, health and dental insurance, transportation and parking, meals and lodging, etc..


Where can I get some help with questions about my T2202A to declare my taxes?

We recommend you talk to your personal accountant for more information about deductions and taxes related to T2202A forms.


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