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Anime and Manga


Learn how to draw your own Manga and Anime characters.

This online course shows you how to draw Anime and Manga while invoking your own personal style!

Type: Online Certificate
Cost: $250 CAD
Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 month (2 session per week, 8 sessions total)
Start Dates: Jan, Apr, Jul, Sep;

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anime-manga-vanas  +   Anime-and-manga-inking-colouring   +   Anime-and-manga-worlds   =   Anime-and-manga-Foundations  3 months: $599 CAD




From concept to colour to completion, learn the techniques and secrets employed by modern day professional Mangaka, Game Concept Artists, and Animators working in the Manga and Anime style. Start your journey into the world of drawing Anime and Manga illustrations at a game-breakingly high level!  This online course shows you how to draw Anime and Manga from your favourite Manga illustrators.


Delivery Methods

  • Award Winning Proprietary Online Campus
  • Studio Setting (20% Theory, 80% Practice)
  • Weekly Live Sessions (Synchronous)
  • Access 24/7 to Online Campus (Asynchronous 24 hrs, 7 days a week)
  • 15:1 Student Ratio
  • 1:1 Personalized Critiques


Class Times, Assignments & Workload

  • Classes are delivered Online
  • 2 Weekly Live Classes per week
  • Students will be asked for 3 time preferences in the application form
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Assignments Workload: 15 - 25 hours per week
  • Weekly 1 on 1 personalized critiques
  • Total hours of instruction: 7 hours
  • Total hours of assignments: 60 - 100 hours

Course Outline

Concept: Sketch!
Technique: Draw!
Clean up: Ink!
Finale: Color!

Please note that in order to pass the course, all assignments have to be successfully completed and submitted on time.


Who should attend this class?

This class is for Anime and Manga enthusiasts eager to discover the techniques used in the creation of their favourite pastime. Also designed for Concept artists wishing to learn the elements of Manga and Anime design.


Software needed

None. This course is designed to adapt to whatever tools you have available. Whether it be pencil and ink or advanced software such as Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai, your creativity and ability to learn will not be limited by the tools at your disposal.


System Requirements


Learning Outcomes

This course will help you to determine a Manga/Anime character’s entire personality through their eye design, stroke width, colour, line work hair and more.  All of this is part of the nature of Anime and Manga illustration.  This is a short duration course and does not lead to a job.



Credits of this course can be used towards our Diploma Programs within six months of completion.


Academic Credential

A Vancouver Animation School Certificate is a short term duration in a specialized training program. We are a studio and student centric school (20% theory 80% hands on). Students will graduate with a Certificate credential.



zephos 70x70A freelance illustrator and graphic designer with over a decade of experience, Merritt “Zephos” Wong has become a professional Anime and Manga artist, a prominent figure in the Vancouver Manga and Anime scene having sold his own original creations both online and at numerous local conventions such as Anime Revolution and MiniComi. With his passion for uncovering the science behind the style of Kawaii and by proxy the complete reverse of it, Zephos’ artistic insight is sure to jump-start the juices of any budding Anime and Manga artist!

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