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Writing for Animation

The Writing for Animation course will provide practical instruction in the entire writing process unique to the animation industry.

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Quick facts

Online Certificate
12 weeks
Portfolio not required

Student profile

Creative ability95%
Technical ability5%

Program Description

Step-by-step, students will learn to create premises, outlines, and final scripts for animation in proper format; as well as prepare to develop and present original properties of their own. Included will be critical study of writing in the best shorts, features and TV episodes.

Fully Accredited

This program is accredited by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB), designated under the British Columbia Education Quality Assurance (BCEQA), the Ministry of Advanced Education and listed under the Canadian Information Center for International Credentials (CICIC).

What does accreditation mean?

Accreditation is meant to protect students, schools, and employers. It ensures that a school is educating its students and meeting quality standards.   If you choose a school that isn’t accredited, it may be difficult to use your academic credentials.  Few employers will take your education seriously. Additionally, you may not be able to transfer your credit hours or degree to an accredited school.

If you are learning for personal enjoyment, accreditation may not be important to you. However, if you want to use your academic credential in the workplace or plan on furthering your education at a later date, accreditation is essential.

Admission Requirements

None.  This is a beginners course.

Who should attend this program?

Beginners, aspiring storytellers, people that like to create digital entertainment. Must enjoy using computer writing software. Artists that are intrigued of the behind the scenes screenwriting work done in the Animation, Visual Effects and Video Games industries.

Who is our target student?

Beginners, aspiring screenwriters who are deeply passionate about telling stories and entertaining audiences.  Artists who recognize and understand their strengths of what they can be best at, and can build a rewarding career.

At VANAS, we believe in the power of simplicity to succeed, focusing on your strengths is our philosophy.

Who is not our target student?

Artists looking for general education, undecided or unknowledgeable about career paths.  We recommend taking our other short introductory courses to find and recognize their strengths.

Class Times, Assignments and Workload

  • Classes are delivered 100% online
  • Small class sizes
  • 1 live sessions per week, one hour per session
  • Weekly assignments comprised by milestones and deadlines
  • Online activities
  • Assignments workload 10 - 20 hours per week
  • Schedules are assembled by time zone; applicants will provide 3 time preferences in the application form.  We do our best to match those preferences between students and teachers.

Program Outline

Students will learn to create premises, outline, and a final script in proper format, for an existing animation property. Required text: “Animation Writing and Development: from Script Development to Pitch” by Jean Ann Wright, Focal Press, 2005 (available on Amazon).

Code Name of Course Assignment workload
    Animation Scriptwriting  
Introduction of instructor and students; review of syllabus. Brief review of animation genres, past and present.  Assignment: premises for TV animation script.
15-20 hours
2 WFA-100 
Review of standard writing formats for outlines and scripts. Discussion of children’s TV series. Assignment: proceed to script outline. 15-20 hours
WFA-100 Reading and analysis of instructor's own scripts. Discussion of action/superhero genre and prime time TV series.  Assignment: proceed to script. 15-20 hours
WFA-100 Discussion of current animation features. Review and summary of the course.  Assignment:  revise script. 15-20 hours

Animation Pitch Bibles

5 WFA-200 Review of syllabus. Explanation of the development process: pitch, backstory, characters, settings, story premises.  Assignment:  create original TV series proposal. 15-20 hours
6 WFA-200 Review of various formats for TV bibles. Discussion of instructors' own work in development. Discussion of characters and backstory.  Assignment: proceed to characters and back-story for bible. 15-20 hours
7 WFA-200 Analysis of the current market for animated TV series. Discussion of settings and story premises.  Assignment:  proceed to settings and story premises for bible. 15-20 hours
 8 WFA-200 Discussion of feature film development. Reading and analysis of instructor's own feature proposal.  Assignment: complete bible. 15-20 hours
Animation Pilot Development
 9 WFA-300 Review of syllabus. Discussion of animation genres, past and present. Select premise from bible for pilot script. Assignment: write outline for pilot script.  15-20 hours
10 WFA-300 Discussion of instructors' own work writing pilots. Assignment: begin writing pilot script. 15-20 hours
 11 WFA-300 Discussion of representation: agents, lawyers, managers. Assignment: complete pilot script. 15-20 hours
 12 WFA-300 Discussion of career planning. Assignment: revise pilot script. 15-20 hours

Please note that in order to pass the course, all assignments have to be successfully completed and submitted on time.

Required Materials


  • Webcam and Headphones are essential tools for Online Programs
  • Internet broadband / High Speed connection


  • Students are responsible for supplying their own Computer Software
  • Academic discounts are available to our students

Recommended Books

  • Animation Writing and Development: from Script Development to Pitch” by Jean Ann Wright

Next Start Date:

Diploma Courses Start on July 9th, 2018 Application Deadline: 6.24.2018 23:59 33 Days

System Requirements

 microsoft windows xp  mac logo
Processor: 2 GHZ or higher
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Firefox or Chrome internet browsers
Flash Player
Apple Mac OSX
Processor: G5 / Intel
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Firefox or Chrome internet browsers
Flash Player

Software Requirements

word processing vanas   celtx vanas

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The Student Training Completion Fund is established under the Private Training Act, and provides consumer protection to students enrolled in programs at institutions registered with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). 

I would recommend this VANAS program to anyone out there who has an idea for animated series sitting in their head. This program will squeeze it out of you and put it on the paper. This is the crucial step that most of the creative folks who are not writers per se don't take. Don't let the fact that you come from a field other than TV/Film discourage you. Moreover, it is our different walks of life and personal experiences that often create unique stories. The animated sitcom I created - OAKSTERDUM, is heavily based on me and my experiences.

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