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Vancouver Animation School Becomes Fully Accredited Online Animation School in Canada


Accreditation Confirms the Robust Technical and Artistic Education Offered by Vancouver Animation School

VANCOUVER, B.C. – August 1st, 2013 – Vancouver Animation School (, the leading Canadian educational institution offering entry level and advanced programs for the animation, visual effects and video game industries, today announced that it has received its official accreditation from the accrediting body of British Columbia.

    We have been working diligently for 18 months towards this day

“This accreditation is the confirmation of the robust online technical education offered at Vancouver Animation School,” said Mario Pochat, animator and founder of the Vancouver Animation School. “We have been working diligently for 18 months towards this day. The governing body remarked that they were pleased to see a solid accreditation audit and report.”

While many brick and mortar schools are looking to expand online with their traditional schools, Vancouver Animation School was a groundbreaking development that started online. It truly leveraged the power of the Internet to change education and enable student learning.

    VANAS is proud to be fully accredited in Canada.

“We now can help our students succeed in their career by offering international recognition, official transcripts and embassy accepted international academic transfers,” Pochat said. “Vancouver Animation School is proud to be fully accredited in Canada.”

For more information about enrolling in the only accredited online animation school in Canada, please visit their website at


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