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The importance of being punctual in the animation industry

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Timing is the most important component of Animation. The best poses in the world will not give you good animation, if you have bad timing.

How important is being on time in the animation industry? Here's what happens if you are late for an animation job interview? You will not get to do the interview, thus you will not get the job. Companies have long memories. The best story that I've heard first hand, was someone that was late for a job interview at Walt Disney Feature Animation and he could not get another interview for 10 years. I recommend getting to a studio early (30-60 minutes). This gives you time to find the place, park, assemble your material and then walk in. Go into the studio at least 15 minutes before the interview, to introduce yourself, find the correct office, use the washroom and have a few minutes to relax.

"Someone that was late for a job interview at Walt Disney Feature Animation and he could not get another interview for 10 years"

When should you show up for work? Find out what the usual studio hours are and be present during them, so that you are available to talk to. Now if the work day starts at 9:00 AM, don't walk through the door at exactly 9. Remember the studio is paying you to begin work at 9, so I always tell student to show up 30 minutes before work begins. This allows you to walk to your desk, get a coffee and chat about last night to your co-workers for a few minutes. Then you will be ready to actually begin work at 9 AM.

How about being late for a meeting or screening? Nothing is worse than walking into a meeting while the boss is talking. You bang the door open and become the center of attention with the exterior light framing you, as you have to walk past everyone to find a chair in the back of the room. This causes the lecturer to lose their concentration and they will remember your tardiness. Basically you are saying, by your actions that the meeting was not important enough to you to show up on time.

"Nothing is worse then walking into a meeting while the boss is talking."


Always inform your supervisor or teacher (by telephone, text or email) if you are going to be arriving late at work or late turning in work. Give an approximate time of arrival or completion. I suggest putting in extra hours of effort to finish work on time, if you promised it at a certain time. Management rewards employees that finish on time or early. They also tend to let employees go that don't finish on time, arrive late or repeatly leave early.

All good work habits begin early in life, so start using these guidelines now at school, so that you will use them later at work.


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