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Secrets on being a good neighbour and co-worker in the animation industry

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These are a few of the things that I have learned during my years in the animation industry. Always remember that you will be working closely with other people from various cultures and different ages (18-80). Not everyone will like the same things.

Do not play your music too loud. I don't care what type it is or even if you are using headphones. If someone else can hear it, then it's too loud and distracting. Even if it isn't loud, not everyone likes the same music. Try not to sing out loud with your music. Or what about that crazy Canadian I knew, that used to do primal screaming at the top of his lungs for minutes at a time. I swear that my ears were bleeding after these episodes.

"Every studio has there own culture."

 Don't stink. Bathing should not be a bi-weekly task. By the same right, don't wear to much perfume or cologne. This causes my lungs to stop working.

Don't be a prolonged distraction. Such as standing and talking about your Action Figure (I call these dolls, which upsets my friends) collection to a co-worker for an hour.

Help others when you can, and they will help you later. Don't expect them to help you, if you hold back your aid.

Dress appropriately in a studio. No bathing suits. Even overdressing (wearing a suit and tie if you are an artist) is not necessary. One co-worker wore boots that were so noisy that you had to stop working, while they stomped around, because you could not think.

Every studio has there own culture. Find out what's acceptable before you pin something up. I have worked for studios where the dirtiest cartoons were hung up and studios that asked you to take down your life drawings.

" Not everyone will like the same things."

Develop enough social skills to answer back with a “Good morning” or “Hi” as you pass co-workers in the hall. You are not that special that you can ignore others greetings and stay employed. Be courteous to everyone in a studio, from the guards at the gate, to your secretaries, janitors and the boss.

Do not shout in someone's face if you have a difference of opinion. This will not make them agree with you.

Go to lunch occasionally with different people from your studio, to hear what they really think. People will say things outside a studio that they won't say inside the studio.  

Be careful what you say about others, because they will hear about it eventually. Words to live by.

Lastly, learn to laugh at jokes. If you are lucky enough to work in an animation studio, you will hear plenty of good, bad, and politically incorrect jokes. There is a word for people that don't have a sense of humour and get upset when they hear a joke.  See ya.


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I am a professional ex-Walt Disney Feature animation artist.
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