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4 tips to be a proactive artist

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Don't expect to learn everything at school or at a studio. Half of what you need to know, you will have to learn yourself.

1.- Acquiring new skills:

"Learn more than is required for you class assignments."

Learn more than is required for you class assignments. Do extra work that is not part of your assignment and show it to your instructor to get their feedback, if you are at a studio, do an extra version for your supervisor to see.  Learn a new skill, a new software, a new way of doing something. Pick up the manual for the software you are using and read it, you will acquire more knowledge about the topic than by just experimenting with it.

Watch and do tutorials to improve your skills. You can find tutorials online, in books or purchase how to DVDs.

2.- Nurturing your creativity:

Plan trips to Art galleries, museums, travel, go to screenings and live demonstrations at conferences. While at them take pictures, draw sketches and make notes to help remember what was said, what you saw and what was demonstrated.

3.- About technical difficulties:

If you have a problem with the hardware or software, you should try fixing it yourself for only an hour, don’t run straight to tech support. If you cannot correct the problem and you are alone at home, then get someone more knowledgeable than you to fix it. If you are at a studio, reach out for technical support (don’t bother other co-workers with these IT issues as you will be wasting their time). Don't just stop working and blame it on your computer.

"Always ask questions if you do not understand something. There are no silly questions."

4.- On missing information:

If you are missing information or direction on your shot, or assignment, you should notify the person responsible (teacher, supervisor, team leader), so that it can be corrected and you can continue working. Not doing your work because you did not understand what was required, is not a good reason. Always ask questions if you do not understand something. There are no silly questions.

If you see someone doing something that you do not know how to do, ask them how they did it. This is how you will become a better artist.

And all of the above, is what it means to be a proactive artist.

See ya.

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I am a professional ex-Walt Disney Feature animation artist.
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