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Story Contest: April Fools' Day


Write your own April Fools' Day story version of our VANAS family of characters.

Contest CLOSED



Write your own April Fools' Day version of our VANAS family of characters

Your story will need to have the 3 act structure as follows:

  1. First act: "Establishment"
  2. Second act: "Rising action"
  3. Third act: "Resolution"

The writer will have to invent the characters' personalities and relationships, and show that through the action.


How to enter the contest

Write and submit an outline for an animated cartoon featuring the VANAS family of characters (pictured below). You will need to imagine their personalities and relationships; then convey those through action and sample dialogue. Use a three-act structure–establishment, rising action, resolution–as if this will eventually be a half-hour TV script with two commercial breaks. Three pages (one per act), 12 point type, double spaced.


What you will upload

Three-page (double-spaced) three-act outline using the VANAS logo characters (Word, PDF, raw text).


1st place:

2nd place

  • VANAS beach-ball

3rd place

  • VANAS Beach-ball


Contest Deadline: April 1st, 2016 @ Midnight

Winners will be contacted by phone or email

Rules and Regulations

Please make sure you read the complete guide to rules and regulations of this contest

Full contest details and rules


Our VANAS Family of characters


Vanas logo and Vanas Characters are Copyright of Vancouver Animation School 2010-2016.


When you are ready to submit, use this form:

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