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Concept Art Student Interview - Sara Garcia Sainz

saraGarcia-Sainz Vanas

Can you tell us a bit of your art background prior to VANAS?

"I wanted to enroll in a high quality school."

I started out at the University of Murcia in Spain. I was studying Fine Arts, but the truth is I didn't get a good experience. As far as the teachers and classes (except for a very few) they weren't at all what I expected, so in the end I took the decision to

drop out and look for something better that really responded to what I wanted, which is to work in the Animation Industry as a concept artist or illustrator.


What were your motivations to take the program?

I wanted to enrol in a high quality school, that reached my expectations, and was able to give me the tools to pursue my dream of becoming a concept artist. Also I needed to greatly improve my skills and knowledge in order to fulfill that dream.

saragarciasainz 01


How has VANAS helped you?

I have already graduated, and I can say it was mind blowing, I loved all the teachers, they all have so much talent! and I loved the passion they put on their work, and the way they pushed us to help us grow. I honestly didn't think I would make so much progress in such little time. It has also helped me to continue to be motivated and have the desire to keep on working and improving my art skills.



Can you mention some A-ha! moments during your education?

'"Pushed us to get our portfolio done."

I honestly think all of it was awesome. But some of the coolest moments were at the beginning, when I was starting to get used to the digital tablet and drawing on it (I came from a traditional background), it was so much fun. Also when we learned to sculpt on Zbrush, it was something I had no idea how to do and really loved having those classes. And at the end, with Nelson, he was so inspiring and motivating and really pushed us to get our portfolio done.

saragarciasainz 02

How do you compare your art skills before and after VANAS?

As for my skills, they have improved so much! I had never done any digital work before, and we really when over everything right from the basic things, like perspective and anatomy, all the way to production sheets, so I improved and learned on so many levels that I can't really say in words how much it was.

saragarciasainz 03

What was your favourite class and teacher?

"Every teacher had a different perspective or worked in different fields."

I loved all of my classes and teachers, each of them had something new to add, a different perspective or worked in different fields of the industry, so all of them were great. Adrian really helped us get insight of what it's like to work on a daily basis in the industry, Marco was awesome with zbrush and had a darker style to his work. I really loved Cristy, because she came from a traditional background as well, she showed us lots of classical art and went back to the old masters, and I guess my style tends to go more to something Disney-ish. Tom was great as well, he was all positivity and motivation. D. Sloan really pushed us to learn how to be professional and present our work the best possible way, as well as the production process and Nelson was really inspiring for both his work (which goes through so many styles) and the speeches he used to give us for motivation. So, yeah, each one of them was unique in his or her way and all of them were great.


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