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3D Character Animation Student Interview: Jason Xu


Can you tell us a bit of your art background prior to VANAS?


I graduated from the HuaShan Art high school in Shanghai, China, where I spent most of my time learning about drawing, painting and graphic design in high school. After that, I come to Canada. In 2010, I started the bachelor of fine Arts program at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC.

Later on, in 2012 I found Vancouver Animation School, which led me into becoming a junior animator.

Currently, I am working with 3D media, especially using software like Maya, 3DMax, Photoshop, and Unity 3D to create my artwork, And I have been invited to exhibit my video project in Lumonocity show in Kamloops City. here is the Website: (


What were your motivations to take the program?

I have always been interested in 3D Animation. My dream is working in an animation studio. At that time, I had a hard time to find a professional animation school. After I found VANAS and met the school founder, Mario Pochat, I made a right decision to take this animation program to help my dream come true. I love to be an animator, I think I will love this industry.



How has VANAS helped you?

The program has really helped me to improve my animation skills. All my instructor during this program are professional Animators and they have been working in this industry for many years. I learned a lot of animation tips from each instructor, from term 1 to term 5. I gradually improved my animation skills to be a more professional animator. VANAS truly helped me to be a professional animator and build my career.



Can you mention some A-ha! moments during your education?

In the beginning of my first term, i wasn’t familiar with Graphic Editor. I didn’t really know how it worked for animation. And then the second term , I started to understand how the curves working and how to tweak the curves to make the animation better and smoother. It was for the first time that I felt my animation skills had a big improvement compared to before. It gave me more confidence in learning this program.


How do you compare your art skills before and after VANAS?

Before VANAS. I didn’t know anything about 3D animation. I used to do modelling and rendering, but I didn’t have any knowledge in Animation. After this program, I learned everything about 3D animation. Each assignment helped me to gain more skills in animation and  the instructor would review my work each class, then give me a critique, which really helped me to improve my skills. It's a big change from before and after for me. This experience has changed my life.



What was your favorite class and teacher? (why?)

I have to thank Susan Campbell who was my term 3 instructor and helped me to understand the body motion of the character. we did the human and animal walk cycle during that term.

Philippe Zerounian was my term 4 instructor. he gave me a lot of tips in animation, he specially taught me how to use some of the animation tools for Maya. it's speed up my animation workflow. Calvin Leduc, who was my  instructor in the last term, who is a senior animator. He taught me how to plan the animation and get better references and better poses. He always encouraged me to improve my animation better and better.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I love this school, and it has made me succeed. I recommend people to come to VANAS if you seriously want to be a professional animator.


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