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Animation Teacher Interview - Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan character Animation

How would you define what you do? 

As an Animator I have the pleasure of creating a performance and Injecting personality into characters!


Did you need to explain to your mom that this is an actual career?

Growing up I was always drawing pictures so my family knew I would find a path as an Artist of some kind.


In a studio, what is your day like?

Studio life often starts off with a bowl of cereal and some fresh fruit.
Morning rounds in Dailies to review animation and set out what work is required for the day ahead.
Once I have work assigned I can start planing and exploring ideas.
I watch the storyboard/ Animatic of the sequence which I will be working on.
Look at character development, gather and create video reference. Working in film animation it is important to spend time researching before diving into Maya.
I like to get in the zone and work until I reach that natural point where I can leave the animation for the next day.


What was your big break into the industry?

"Animation is an Art that is always growing and evolving."

I would say my big break was back in 2000 when I got my foot in the door at a Video games studio called Infogrames. There I was able to work as a 3D Artist where I would model, rig and animate characters for in-game and Cinematics.


What are some of the cool things of working in this industry?

Working in the animation Industry is great because it is so diverse. As an artist you can work in Video games, Commercials, TV, Films and so much more.
You get to be involved in creating fun and memorable characters.


What's are some of the challenges of your profession?

"Artists have to be able to understand the principles and adapt to the new techniques and trends of today."

Animation is an Art that is always growing and evolving. We went from 2d traditional animation to CG. Even Stop Frame animation has CG animation blended in.
Artists have to be able to understand the principles and adapt to the new techniques and trends of today. These are all great challenges as you see more and more how heavily animated VFX films are. This enables artists to create amazing characters and worlds. Providing the artist can find that balance between Art and technical then they will enjoy the challenges presented.



Can you mention some of your career highlights?

I have travelled around the world and worked with some amazing people.
During my time in Singapore I worked on the Award winning animated TV series Star Wars 'The Clone Wars'.
Back in London I got to work on several fun projects from the TV show 'Tree Fu Tom' to the Summer blockbuster Marvels 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.
As well as Animating I had the honour of working with Aardman Animation as Lead Tutor on their Character animation program.
In January 2015 I had the privilege of being on the Animation Panel for the VFX Festival 2015


How do you stay awesome?

Working in this industry you meet so many talented people. Keeping ones ego in check and being humble is the only way.


Where do you think the bulk of work is for your profession?

I feel that there is work in all areas of animation, as Video games grow more advanced and wide spread from consoles to mobile gaming to Oculus rift experience.
TV shows and VFX films become more involved with CG characters taking centre stage in fantastical worlds.
Studios are interested in CG animation and producing movies for the new generation. This is a great time to be an artist in the world of Animation!


What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

"take the time to really go deep and immerse yourself in all things animation."

Animation is hard, so take the time to really go deep and immerse yourself in all things animation!
Understand this a journey that is forever evolving.
You will be surrounded by amazingly talented artists. They will inspire you to keep growing and at times you may feel like giving up.
Remember everyone is at different stages and you are on your personal path so keep on pushing and enjoy the ride!


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Do what you love and love what you do!




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