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Animation Teacher Interview - Kushal Das

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How would you define what you do?

I am a professional 3D animator with specialization in Character Animation.


Did you need to explain to your mom that this is an actual career?

I did explain it to my parents when I was an Animation Student. Although animation is slowly catching the pace for being a viable career option in India, but still some people don't have very clear idea. So being Indian, I had to explain my career goals to my parents, but fortunately they were totally supportive back then.


In a studio, what is your day like?

Currently I am working as Animation & CG Supervisor in a Chinese Studio. My typical day starts with dailies with the Animation Leads and the Animators. In the dailies we usually discuss about the current problems we are facing in the production and usually we try to solve them and discuss ideas. We also check our progress and often discuss about ongoing works. After the morning dailies I usually move on in checking the pending animation shots, giving my feedback. Then after lunch if needed, I do a short meeting with the Leads from other department (Lighting, Texturing rendering etc) and try to discuss the problems. After that being done I usually give my creative feedback to the lighting and rendering of the shots. Then at the end of the day I do another meeting with the animation leads to check that day's progress and discuss what we will be doing next day. Then I usually stay back a bit to arrange my work for the next day before calling it a day.
So a typical day of mine consists of a fair amount of meetings, checking shots and lot of discussion and solving of problems.


What was your big break into the industry?

"Just be in love with moving objects.."

My first big break came in 2007 when I started working in Crest Animation Studio in India and got the chance to animate in 'Back at the Barnyard', a Nickelodeon series based on the Movie "Barnyard". Then in 2010 I was hired in Technicolor studio to work in the 'Penguins of Madagascar' series. It was another Nickelodeon production based on the Dreamworks Movie "Madagascar". I learned so much from working in this projects..


What are some of the cool things of working in this industry?

The coolest thing of working in this Industry is that you can literally live in your passion, if making animation is your passion. From my childhood, I was also always fascinated about making Animation movies and today I am so proud and happy that I get to live my dream everyday.



What's are some of the challenges of your profession?

"you can literally live in your passion, if making animation is your passion."

Long working hours, complete & undivided dedication and focus to the project you are working on. I think maintaining this sometimes pose some problems since we are human beings and our focus sometime tends to drifts away. But If you really love what you do then I think this should not be a big problem.





Can you mention some of your career highlights?

I worked some of the biggest and reputed studios in India and abroad. I have worked In Crest Animation Studio and Technicolor. I also worked for Sparky, a Singapore based Company. Currently I am enjoying my time in China working as an Animation and CG Supervisor.


How do you stay awesome?

Eat, Live and Sleep Animation. That's all. And by animation I mean all sorts of medium, be it Stop motion, VFX animation or 2D or 3D. Just be in love with moving objects. Also I am a Movie fanatic, be it Live action or Animated.


Where do you think the bulk of work is for your profession?

My whole professional experience is based on mainly doing 3D Character Animation for TV, Films and Games.



What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

"Once you fall in love with the medium, then nothing can stop you.."


As I said earlier, just be in love with the medium. Don't constrict yourself to one medium though. Love and have passion for all the medium of animation.
Be ready to work really hard and even if you work hard, be passionate about it. Once you fall in love with the medium, then nothing can stop you. Always have trust in your creative ideas and follow your instincts. Have faith in your voice and thinking.



Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just be yourself.




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