Corporate Partners

How investing in Art & Technology higher education will benefit your company

Benefits for your company


Develop strong partnerships and expand your network
Build long term relationships with like-minded partners and participate in common, various Art & Technology projects.


Get access to high potential students
Direct global access to top graduates, who are ready to be part of your team and contribute to your projects.


Increase your brand visibility image
Promote your brand as a company that is actively involved in the current and future state of Art & Technology education.


Be the first to hire the best graduates
Receive the privilege of being the first to hire the best graduates.

Benefits from your Company to students


Tell them about your company
Visit our online classrooms, invite our students and teachers, talk to them about your company, activity sector, explain career opportunities for them to get first-hand information


Create a future for aspiring professionals
Provide a Branded Scholarship under your name to students looking to enter the Art & Tech Industries. You can support student diversity and student equity by promoting access to education.


Shape the future of the Art & Technology education
Influence the future of the new economies and help us to create the best career programs by participating in consultations about the needs and trends in the Art & Tech industries.


Offer mentoring, internships, and career-related opportunities